Audio Tracks Now in Show Order

Audio-128I just thought I should write quickly to let everyone know that the audio tracks on the Audio page of the website are now in Show order. We’ve been meaning to do this for some time because there are music and lyric connections that connect across songs over the arch of both Acts of the Musical.

With the forthcoming new demo, ‘Madness Rules’ (Parts I & II) from Act I, this is particularly relevant, as you will hear interconnecting music and lyric resonances to both ‘Under Her Spell’ and the last song in the show, ‘There’s No Need to Say Goodbye. It’s all quite deliberate, of course, as music and lyrics in one song are able to take on completely different meanings and intentions when used within the fabric of a different song; at a different point in the show; and almost inevitably, in different contexts. This is just one way that we elaborate character and meaning in The Mapmaker’s Opera.

The new demo is about two weeks away. We’re just waiting to get into the studio to do the vocal track. More about the song and the very fine young baritone who will be performing it soon.

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