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We’re back.  The Mapmaker’s Opera is alive and well.

Ron_RainesFirstly check out the new recording of ‘El Amor’ as performed by the incomparable Ron Raines which we did in New York.  We were delighted to have secured Ron’s services to perform this really pretty song from Act II.

So what’s been happening I hear you ask?  Well, we’ve all been busy (no kidding!)  Victor and I have started on a new project with an amazing Australian book writer – author, Kate Forsyth.  A new website for that project will be launched soon.  As well, Victor and I are working on a very secret project called The Man With 100 Faces.  We can tell you the title (because we own it) but can’t tell you more about that at present other than it is a  story of honor, espionage and the rescue of Britain’s greatest spy from WWI.

So, what is actually happening with MMO you ask?  Well, we’ve been contemplating what changes we want to make based on our brief Off-Broadway run in 2014.  You can’t rush these things actually because it takes time to honestly determine what needs improving, what needs moving around, what should be consigned to the ‘cutting-stage’ floor by way of analogy to film, and what new moments should be added.  The problem is choices.  There are many option, but only several viable solutions. We think we have it sorted.

What happens next.  Ah, well that is the easy bit to tell.  We will do new readings of our changes and see how they fit, and then we’ll present a new workshop.  Stay tuned.



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