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Welcome to the Mapmaker’s Opera – The Musical!

Welcome to The Mapmaker’s Opera – The Musical.  Well, finally, the site has gone live after many months of preparation.  A big thanks to Chris Stevens without whom none of this would be possible.

I assume that if you are visiting here, that you have at least a passing knowledge of the novel of the same name by Ms. Gonzalez, on which this musical adaptation is based.  If not, then you have the joy of discovering this novel all ahead of you!

My blog page on this web site has been created to allow interested individuals to communicate with me whilst the process of writing music to Victor Kazan’s lyrics for The Mapmaker’s Opera – The Musical proceeds over the next twelve months.  Right now, I’m in Spain doing research on Flamenco which will inform some of the music in the score.  During my visit, I have come to realise that Flamenco is not only Continue Reading →

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The Privilege of being a Writer

If there is one thing that is truly wonderful about being a writer, it is the many people you meet because of a book you have written and to whom you would have no connection otherwise.  Our books become the “slender threads”  the Jungian writer and wise man Robert Johnson speaks of, which unite your life with other threads held by people in sometimes disparate corners of the earth.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I heard from my agent that an Australian composer had called to enquire about turning my novel into a music drama.  It was all the more surprising given that I had articulated my desire to see such a thing happen when the novel was originally published and was informed that having a book turned into a musical was  rare indeed!

I immediately contacted Kevin—delirious with gratitude that he should be interested in such a thing–and a scant few months later we were meeting in Toronto Continue Reading →

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