Day Three At Goodspeed

cticut_River_At_GoodspeedWell folks, as the song goes, “The weather outside is frightful…”, but here indoors at Goodspeed Opera, it could not be more wonderful.  Victor and I are ensconced in one of the new accommodation houses at Goodspeed – and it’s fabulous; talk about an environment conducive to creative endeavours!  I may never want to leave – except that I miss my wife!

There are just such fabulously talented writers  here in residence at the inaugural Johnny Mercer Writer’s Colony at Goodspeed, including the Tony Award-winning team of Hollmann & Kotis (Urinetown – The Musical), Sam Willmott (winner of the 2012 Fred Ebb Award) and that’s just the start of the incredible line-up of talent currently in residence.

So for the last two days,  I have been working on a new Act I song for Sofia, where she is awakened to the fact that Diego is not just any mere illustrator of birds, but is able to make them look like they’re about to take flight from his sketchbook.  The awakening of doubt that she has any real talent, in tandem with the unsettling sensation that her life is really stultified by Mérida’s mores and her family’s expectations as to her future, act as the catalyst for this soliloquy.  Word of advice to young writers:  soliloquies are hard – very hard to write, and necessarily avoided at all cost if possible – I should heed my own advice!

Victor is similarly hard at work trying to come up with the perfect lyric for another song in Act I to which I wrote the music at CAP21 in New York last week.  Entitled ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, it is a duet for Roberto (Sofia’s father) and Nelson (the American naturalist and Diego’s patron).

More tomorrow or the next day.

Ciao for now


ps.  This is the view of the river from the Goodspeed Opera House.  Beautiful.

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