Fundraising Part II: How to Donate via NYMF 501(c)(3) For The Mapmaker’s Opera

Well, we’ve had a few days respite from fundraising efforts to get The Mapmaker’s Opera to the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) in July – but now we’re starting the next phase of this task.

Yes, yes, I know this is boring, tedious, not-much-fun, uninteresting in the extreme, tiresome, infuriating and, well, as about as exciting as watching grass grow in the dark, but we do still need to raise $50,000 in sponsorship (or even possibly ‘Front Money’ – but more on that in a forthcoming post tentitavely entitled “Equity Investment Models For Broadway Musicals”).

It’s no secret, because it was posted on our Kickstarter page, that the budget for our NYMF production is $90,000.  WOW!

Yes, but before your faint, or fall out of your chair, do remember that we raised just over $38,000 on our Kickstarter campaign in 30 days – and there were a few armchair sceptics (I love these people, really, because the look on their face when they’ve been proved wrong – yet again – is priceless) who said that it couldn’t be done [Ed. “Boo, hiss…” in the great theatrical tradition of pantomime] but WE DID IT thanks to very generous supporters, friends and family (our favourite ‘MMO aficionados’).

In fact, there is an esteemed gentleman in Los Angeles with the initials D. L., whose been in this business longer than….well, a long time….whom I owe a great debt of service, as it was he who convinced me that if we did do the Kickstarter campaign, people would support it.  When I asked “Why would they do that?”, his response was “Because they trust you.”  Incredulous as that seemed to me at the time; not denying that I am a trustworthy person, it nonetheless seemed a big ask.  But I was wrong and Mr. D. L. was right. (Mr. D. L. will know himself by the scones and four-point sandwiches he was served at our meeting).

So I have created a video – in an effort to be even minimally entertaining – as this is really a blog asking for financial sponsorship.

The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) is a producing organization with umbrella 501(c)(3) status.  As the fiscal sponsor, NYMF accepts tax-deductible contributions specifically earmarked for The Mapmaker’s Opera.[1] This is pretty smart of them, as they understand that raising money for theatrical productions is pretty damn hard work at the best of time, so having their own charitable status is just smart.

Consequently, this means that individuals or companies (in the USA) are able to claim a charitable contribution deduction on their income taxes for their donation to The Mapmaker’s Opera.

If you’d like to donate to help us on our way to the New York Musical Theatre Festival in July, then you can simply make an online credit card donationearmarked specifically for The Mapmaker’s Opera – via a drop-down menu on the donation page of the NYMF website and our show’s custom donation URL or, alternatively, simply go the the NYMF homepage and follow the ‘scrolling mouse’ movement in the above video.

If you’re a check writing person, then make checks payable to ‘The New York Musical Theatre Festival’ and earmark them for The Mapmaker’s Opera via a note in the memo section.  With contact details from a donating party, NYMF will provide acknowledgement letters/tax-deductibility receipts for all fiscal sponsorship donations. Where the donation is made online, the donor will be automatically emailed a confirmation receipt and acknowledgement letter.

More soon,

Victor and Kevin

     [1] For the first $10,000 raised, NYMF will retain only a flat fee of $200 to cover costs in administering the service, plus 4% of any credit card donations to cover processing fees.  For funds raised beyond the first $10,000, NYMF will retain 4% to cover administrative costs, not including credit card processing fees.

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