Here at Last: The Last Song in the Show

Audio_Icon_WebWow – I have been inundated in the last 12 hours by MMO aficionados insisting that I post the last song.  So, based on that response, we’re doing it before we had intended.

There’s No Need To Say Goodbye‘ has been nothing less than a labour of love from Victor and  myself.  If you remember that we are writing a ‘Stage’ musical here, translating the end of the show into an audio picture only presented so many problems in approach, that I literally sat around for weeks not knowing what to do – and thereby not giving Victor any canvas onto which to place Book or Lyrics.  However, remaining focused on the idea that there must be a solution to the apparently insolvable, something did eventually emerge from the brain fog in which this little song lived for so long.

I correct myself: it’s not little, it’s certainly not all that short- in fact in takes a full 7 minutes or more on stage from beginning to end –  it took weeks and weeks to fully record, added to which the tune itself originally took me 18 months to evolve; made partially more difficult by the need to incorporate two earlier songs in the show into the fabric of this last ballad for Sofia, Diego and the combined Company.  And no, you haven’t heard those songs, yet!

So how does it work and what are you listening to over the duration?

Disclaimer:  if you don’t want to know how the show ends, because you haven’t yet read Béa Gonzalez’ novel, ‘The Mapmaker’s Opera’, then you should just jump to the audio page now, and just listen to the song. (It might not help, as it is pretty clear what actually does happen on stage – Ed.)

The Storyline concludes

It is the evening of the 1909 Mexican Revolution.  On the outskirts of Mérida’s city limits, one can hear a steadily rising commotion.  The hacienda henequen plantations are being burned by insurgents rising up against the forced labour conditions of the indigenous workers.  One of the major plantations is owned by the usurious Don Victor Blanco (who has a son, Carlos).

As this insurgence is unfolding, young Diego has gone to Don Victor’s aviary to finally; after an earlier aborted attempt, to retrieve the two last passenger pigeons in existence.  Having successfully done so (they are hidden inside his jacket) he is coming from upstage centre downstage toward where Sofia and other members of the Company are gathered.

A shot rings out.  Transfixed to the spot, Diego drops to his knees.  Screaming, Sofia runs toward him, supporting him from behind.  Initially, Diego is not aware of what has happened.  He sings…..

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