It’s Here: The First Song Revealed

Audio_Icon_WebWith sincere apologies for a further unexpected delay (we couldn’t get into the studio to do the mix!) we are delighted to release the first version of a song from Act II of The Mapmaker’s Opera.  The song is in mp3 format.  The audio quality is equivalent to radio stereo broadcast standard but, alas, it’s not CD quality for our audiophile friends.  This simply is a limitation of the WordPress blogging software we are using.  To listen, click on the link below.

Home_Sweet_Home  ©2011 Adastra Music Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

The song, ‘Home Sweet Home’, is a duet for Sofia and Diego.  This scene occurs in Béa’s novel in Act III (actually it begins on p.245 in the the St. Martin’s Press Imprint [first U.S. Edition: August 2007]) where our young protagonists head off to a field, alone, outside of Mérida.  Here they witness a cacophony of birds and Diego attempts; rather awkwardly, to finally express his feelings for Ms. Duarte.  In the Musical, this is Scene 7 in Act II (EXT. A WOOD ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN – LATER THAT DAY)

There is dialogue over the introduction of the song and also during the ‘middle-section’ which we have not included, for now.

I’ll write more on the orchestration, mock-up and recording process in an upcoming post, but right at the moment, I’m going back to work on Cue 8:  a song for Nelson, Don Victor Blanco and the Company that has preoccupied me for months, and with which I have finally a way forward.

Back soon with more news.  Enjoy and let us know what you think?  Play it to your friends too!

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