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Mission_Mexico_FestivalWell folks, what can I say?  We’ve been busy, busy, busy!  Work on a couple of new audio demos is coming along very nicely thank you, through what has been a period of excruciatingly heavy work for other folk – which we also do with joy, but it does take time from MMO work – and has curtailed my writing on this web site for an extended period.

So, the next new song, ‘Men, Feo Y Fuerte’ a quirky, comic duet with a duologue in the middle for two of our main protaganists: Diego and Very Useful, is all but finished and just awaiting vocal tracks to be recorded.  Mark Buys has come  up with a delicious orchestration in a song heavily influenced by Latin Music rhythms, overlaid with both Flamenco and Mariachi influences – whilst retaining a ‘Broadway’ musical theatre sound and structure.  Great fun to write!

This post’s logo is taken from the forthcoming Mission Mexican Festival to be held in Melbourne at Federation Square this coming Sunday (September 16) to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.  It’s worth checking out the Festival Facebook page to see how Mexican culture is (thankfully) starting to permeate into Victoria, Australia.  Excitingly, it coincides with a blossoming array of new Mexican restaurants opening in Melbourne, which I intend to visit one by one (several times over).

Misión México

Misión_México_LogoThe real purpose of this post is to highlight the work of a group of two Australian volunteers, Alan and Pamela Skuse, who in November 2001 started out on a journey that has led to the creation of a refuge for abused and homeless children in Tapachula.  This is a heart-rending, inspiring story that you can read about on their dedicated website (lovelifehope.com).  My advice, watch the video above; if you haven’t already, and donate today.

More soon about Mariachi Los Romanticos!

Take care (and good to be back)



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