MMO Emphasis Moves To Financing

Time_Versus_MoneyI like this image representing time vs. money.  It speaks volumes abour how I spend my time on MMO at present.  Do I write new music, or continue to search out funding opportunities?  Do I feel I am being pulled in two opposite directions?  You bet!

Our energies on writing and developing The Mapmaker’s Opera are beginning to shift towards the difficult, time-consuming, but so absolutely necessary efforts required to raise funds for the next stage of development of this new Musical based on the 2007 novel by the so, so talented, Béa Gonzalez.

For the many people who follow this website and the associated social media pages on Facebook and/or Twitter, you will know that for over two years, Victor and I have documented almost every step of our journey (both our successes and inadequacies) in writing this new piece.

In the last post I wrote, you might recall that our Associate Dramaturg, Diana, and myself had spent several weeks (actually months for Diana) pondering and looking at which festivals, conferences and development laboratories we could make application to in the USA for non-staged, semi-staged and workshop opportunities to see the work ‘on its feet’.  Time consuming?  Yes, but in of itself, not too daunting.

The problem is that, even though you have to “be in it to win it” as the old adage goes, the truth is that being awarded a spot in such development opportunities has a very low return of success.  The reason: there are actually lots of fabulous writers out there doing the same quality (or better) work as Victor and myself on different projects.  The world is not short of brilliant new musicals I can assure you – we just don’t get to see that many of them due to the way the industry is set up – but that is another story.

So we need to have other back-up plans, or as my dear departed mother used to say, “God helps those who help themselves.”  When I was younger I thought she meant those who raided the refigerator faster were the blessed ones… but I digress.

So we have a plan – and yes, we are going to ask those who have enjoyed the ten songs, so far, posted on the website for a bit of assistance (and I do mean a small amount).  Suffice to say, we are not going to create a Kickstarter or similar crowdsourcing fundraising campaign because – AND WE REALLY MEAN THIS – Victor and I want to personally thank each and everyone who donates to our project.   OK, we might do a Pozible campaign if we don’t quite make the target, but I hope to not have to go there.

Why is this so important to us?  Because, the MMO community IS a community of people that we care about; because you take the time to read my (it would seem increasingly lengthy) blogs, listen to our songs, and read our stories about México and Spain.

And we’re grateful!

To help us explain how we are going to seek the generosity of the very many folk who follow this project, Victor and Walter are working on a short video that will tell all.  They’re working on it as I write, but it requires a lot of video footage to be compiled prior to editing, so we’ll have it to you as soon as possible.

24 Days to Christmas!

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