MMO Gets Mainstream Press Coverage


Photo: Simon Schluter

Some days, it’s good to be a composer/songwriter, especially when a terrific little piece about your work gets some mainstream Press exposure. Yesterday, The Age Newspaper in Melbourne printed a very generous article about Victor’s and my work on The Mapmaker’s Opera.  You can read the full article here.

I am generally not keen on doing telephone interviews, but when writer, Sonia Harford, started asking me really insightful questions, I thought the piece might turn out OK.  And it did as far as we’re concerned.  We’ve also had a number of positive comments received from friends and colleagues as well.  Some other media colleagues have indicated that writing this type of piece is pretty tricky to pull-off, so kudos to Sonia!

So back at work in Melbourne, we’re working on the 8th, and final, fully orchestrated audio demo for a song in Act I for the character of Nelson, entitled, ‘Madness Rules’.  It’s a big piece and requires a lot of programming by orchestrator Mark Buys.  Why the last?  Because, continuing to orchestrate the show beyond completing a selection of music cues to reveal the ‘color palate’ of the music is counter-productive prior to the show being ‘on its feet’ in a fully-staged production.  With inevitable re-writes and changes that will naturally occur as the show’s development progresses, additional orchestration work would serve no useful purpose.  That, however, doesn’t mean that we won’t be doing more music demos, it’s just that they will only have piano accompaniment.

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