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Mísion_México_LogoBack in a post on Sept. 11 this year, I made mention of this organisation.  Now I want to talk about its work in more detail.

Mísion México is the brainchild of two Australian volunteers: Alan and Pamela Skuse, who in November 2001 started out on a journey that has led to the creation of a refuge for abused and homeless children in Tapachula, México.

You can read about their incredible work with these children-in-need on their dedicated website,

The Mísion also puts out an occasional newsletter, that provides a no-frills account of both the many accomplishments and challenges that Alan and Pamela and their volunteers face on a daily, and weekly, basis in respect to their young surrogate family.  In the Sept. 2012 issue, there is a tremendously heart-warming story about Katherine, who, clearly against-the-odds, has recently completed school and successfully passed the exams for entry into medical school.  What an amazing triumph.  One clearly infers that, irrespective of how bright Katherine must be, she is unlikely to have achieved this success without the care, love and support of the Mísion.  There are numerous stories like this in the current newsletter about some of the now 50 children who are being cared for.  To read the current newsletter, click here.

OK, it’s pretty clear that Victor and I have become quite passionate about this UK registered charity – run by Australians in México,  and we have ourselves donated an amount in 2012 toward their running costs.  But we’d like to help further.  Consequently, we have given Alan and Pamela an undertaking that a small percentage of our (Victor’s and mine) writer royalties from any 1st-Class production of The Mapmaker’s Opera will be donated directly to Mísion México.

Now, this means nothing at all until we achieve an initial 1st-Class production of our new Musical, but we will achieve this in due course.  Eventually, donations, however small, will flow back to the work of the mísion, and no doubt will be put to appropriate use.

Please join with us, and consider making a donation to Mísion México.  Abandoned and abused children can be found in every country of the world.  It’s appalling and should never be tolerated or ignored.  If you can help the work of Alan and Pamela Skuse, your contribution will have a direct impact on these children’s lives.

To donate click here.

Alternatively, or in conjunction with a donation, if you’re planning to visit México, perhaps think about spending some time at the Mísion and volunteer your labour.  We know they’ll appreciate it.

Thank you.

Victor and Kevin

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