More Audio Updates and Facebook/Twitter Integration

So, our indefatigable web guru, Chris Stevens, has been hard at work reverting all the posted audio demos to YouTube for your listening pleasure, including the opportunity to listen to all the demos (in show order!) as a set, i.e., without having to manually start each successive track.  This enlightened idea came from our Assoc. Dramaturg, Diana Lipkus, who being the avid Internet trawler that she is, pointed out to me how frustrating it was to lose the audio playback of the songs from the show when she went surfing off somewhere else across cyberspace.  Noted, and duly implemented Diana!

Oh, yes and Facebook and Twitter pages are now active. This has been a long-time in preparation and we’re very proud of what we are going to be posting on these social media platforms. Lot’s more information, and not just a repeat of what is on this site (I always hate that!).

And yes, and not to forget, the new, forthcoming song (actually it’s more like a complete scene given that it runs about 10 minutes). It is an ‘almost’ soliloquy for the character of Nelson entitled, ‘Madness Rules’ (Parts I & II) and is confirmed to be recorded on May 24 here in Melbourne. The baritone for this new piece is a young, up-and-coming star of the opera world: Michael Lampard. Check out Michael’s website here.

Victor and I are also working on a new duet for Sofia and Diego in Act II; are waiting for a vocal to be finished in Hamburg for a duet for the characters of Nelson and Roberto in Act I, and finally, I’m working on a new tune for the less than savoury character of Don Victor Blanco. Busy, busy!

But first, a quick trip to London for….no, sorry can’t talk about that.
Stay tuned,

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