Men, Feo Y Fuerte – The New Song and Recent News

Welcome back.  Well, after what seems to have been an eternity, we are back on the MMO blog trail after a number of diversions.

We have new music (Men, Feo Y Fuerte) and you can listen to it on this site, as you can for the three songs from the show already available.  More on the new song below.

Work commitments to other music clients has been pretty full-on for the last several moths, during which we have also been negotiating the renewal of the Underlying Stage Rights (sometimes referred to as Musico-Dramatic Rights) on the original book property, The Mapmaker’s Opera, by the extraordinarily talented, Béa Gonzalez.

A ‘right’ to work on someone’s else’s original creative entity held in copyright, is neither automatic nor easy to acquire [as we know all too well] and is certainly not open-ended in its duration.  One of the consequences of Rights renewals negotiations; in this case a fictional novel undergoing adaptation for the musical stage, is, that you can’t act as if you do have the continuing ‘right’ to the property until you have in fact secured that Right!  And that means no blogs – no nothing.  It’s a matter of Law as well as a moral respect to the copyright holder.

So, our apologies to those rather annoyed folk who have been waiting ever so patiently for an update and some new music, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

So, on that note, let me talk about the new audio demo, ‘Men Feo Y Fuerte’, from Act II:

One of my close friends; a great vocal teacher and musical theatre pedagogue, Will Conyers, suggested to me when chatting on the phone one day many months ago; whilst I was lamenting who could sing the role of ‘Very Useful’ on a music demo we were planning, suggested, “Why don’t you ask Daryl Somers?”  Now, for the numerous non-Australians who read this blog, this name may mean little but, for us ‘Aussies’, Daryl Somers is an icon, a legend, of Australian television.  Not only that, but he is a fine singer and a very accomplished drummer in his own right.  So, with no expectations, I rang Daryl and, lo and behold, he said, “Yes, I’ll give it a go.”  Wow!  And did he what.

This song, for the characters Very Useful and Diego (Sam), is placed near the top of the Act.  In a clearing, just outside of Mérida, Very Useful informs Diego that the charming Señorita Sofia will be attending a Ball to which they have all been invited by Don Victor Blanco.  Problematically, Diego’s rival, Carlos Blanco (Don Victor’s Son) will also be in attendance.  The problem is Diego can’t dance.  Mayhem ensues as Very Useful attempts to teach Diego a few terpsichorean ‘basics’ before a mock dance battle defending the virtues of Mariachi and Flamenco between the two, unravels all efforts in Diego’s haphazard dance education .  [Listen very carefully for Very Useful’s soft-shoe shuffle!  Daryl actually performed this impromptu, so we recorded it and kept it in the final mix!]


We have a fantastic little promo video that has been created by Victor Kazan and Video Director, Walter Dobrowolski, for the song, ‘Under Her Spell’.  If you’ve ever imagined who has that sublime voice who sings the role of Diego on the demo, well now you will be able to put a face to the name: Sam Rabbone.  We were also most charmed to have secured the services of Dana Cohen, a lovely young actor, to portray the role of La Señorita Sofia Duarte.  Her period dress was supplied by Rose Chong (Rose Chong Costumes) to whom we are indebted.  We’ll post this here in the next few days.

But wait (yes, I know) but there’s even more! ….however you will regrettably have to wait a little longer for this truly exciting news!  [I think this is what they call a ‘cliffhanger’]

Take care, and thanks for dropping by.


ps.  This post’s accompanying illustration, acquired from the Library of Congress, is of a gate in the Yucatan ca. 1910.


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