New Song: Two Of A Kind (Reprise)

Audio-128Sometimes magic just happens!

As promised, last evening, we recorded the vocals for the song ‘Two of a Kind (Reprise)’ from The Mapmaker’s Opera.  As with all previous songs for the character of Sofia Duarte so far recorded, we were delighted to have Maddie Featherby return to sing this duet.

Her partner (in the role of Diego Clemente) in this song, from Act II, is one of my most favourite Australian musical theatre talents: Adrian Li Donni.  Adrian makes his debut in 2014 with Opera Australia’s production of The King and I in the role of Lun Tha.  I’ve worked with Adrian before, so it comes as no surprise whatsoever to me that the rest of Australia is starting to wake up to this young man’s music and acting gifts.

In advance of the session, I was wondering what these two supremely gifted artists would sound like together?

Sometime magic just happens!

OK, so what happens in this song?  As you will know from reading the novel by Béa Gonzalez, Diego sneaks away from a ball arranged by Don Victor Blanco to which Edward Nelson (Diego’s ‘patron’), Diego and Very Useful have been invited, as have the entire Duarte family.  Diego manages to slip away to find the aviary; located in the grounds on Don Victor’s estate, in search of the two passenger pigeons previously discovered by Nelson on a previous visit to the hacienda.  Finding the aviary, Diego’s intention of removing the birds at the behest of his patron is thwarted by the sudden arrival of Sofia who has come in search of the young Spaniard.  In wonderment, together they explore the aviary – with  a distracted Diego trying in vain to remain focussed on the task at hand – only to be surprised by what Sofia reveals, both about herself and her feelings for him.

Although not heard at the end of this recording, the sudden and equally unexpected arrival of Don Victor’s son, Carlos, puts an end to Diego’s attempt to free the two last passenger pigeons held in captivity – at least for now.

We hope you enjoy it.  There’ll be a short video of the recording session posted on the MMO Facebook page in the not too distant future, and you’ll be able to also see how, sometimes…

Magic just happens!

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ps.  As ever, our humble and gracious thanks to Mark B. Buys, Christian Scallan, Chris Stevens, Jac Lippold and Diana Lipkus – you know why.


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