Song No. 2 Forthcoming

MMO_Banner_PortionApologies to all for seemingly having gone MIA over the last few weeks.  Not to worry, I’ve been busy writing more music for MMO whilst orchestrating and making an audio track for a new Musical by legendary Broadway composer, Stephen Schwartz.

Before anyone further asks: I’m able to knock all this work over in a short space of time because of the assistance of several highly accomplished and gifted music colleagues – in this case, Mark Buys and Vladimir Martinka – who manage to translate my ‘sketches’ into miraculously beautiful renditions in a short space of time (sometimes ‘very’ short!) And yes, I do sleep…occasionally.

Recently, I’ve also had the pleasure of being introduced to, and an opportunity to collaborate with, an audio engineer in Melbourne; Chris Scallan, who has wonderful ‘sonic ears’.  Recommend Chris highly!

Also news that I am making my first trip to México in mid-November and visiting the Yucatán Peninsula as well as México City.  More on this later.

Most importantly, the second song to be released on this site will happen by mid next week.  It is Cue 7 entitled, ‘When He Looked at Me’, for Sofia Duarte in Act I.  It’s all finished and we’re just waiting to get back into the recording studio to do the final mix.  We hope you like it?  Thanks also to everyone for their kind comments on ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Take care and back soon.


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