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MMO Goes To The New York Musical Theatre Festival



( July 7 – 27 )

Finally, we can make the announcement that The Mapmaker’s Opera, adapted from the 2007 novel by Béa Gonzalez – published by HarperCollins (Canada) – has been selected as one of the 10 ‘Next Link’ projects into the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). Continue Reading →

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Nights and Days on the Gypsy Trail (1922)

On_The_Gypsy_TrailThis is an image from the non-fiction volume, ‘Nights and Days On the Gypsy Trail’ published in 1922.  Written by an American of Gypsy descent, Irving Brown, I finally obtained a copy of this book that I had heard about, but never actually seen available.  To be fair, I was looking for a 1st. Edition and not a reprint.

Reviewer ‘Black Cat’ rated this 3 stars out of 5 on goodreads.com.  This is what he says:

“The author, Irving Brown, travels to different cities in Spain looking for Spanish Gypsies: their folklore, music, customs, language and more… The book reveals the nature of the spanish gypsy: care-free, passionate, lyric, impulsive and generous with their “kind.”

Not exactly illuminating – but accurate.

I started out reading this curiosity and not very long into the book, had a distinct feeling that this book, written in purple prose, was nothing but a paen to a nostalgic view of Andalusian gypsies that never existed.  But I persevered and read on a bit further. Continue Reading →

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MMO Emphasis Moves To Financing

Time_Versus_MoneyI like this image representing time vs. money.  It speaks volumes abour how I spend my time on MMO at present.  Do I write new music, or continue to search out funding opportunities?  Do I feel I am being pulled in two opposite directions?  You bet!

Our energies on writing and developing The Mapmaker’s Opera are beginning to shift towards the difficult, time-consuming, but so absolutely necessary efforts required to raise funds for the next stage of development of this new Musical based on the 2007 novel by the so, so talented, Béa Gonzalez.

For the many people who follow this website and the associated social media pages on Facebook and/or Twitter, you will know that for over two years, Victor and I have documented almost every step of our journey (both our successes and inadequacies) in writing this new piece. Continue Reading →

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The Third Promo Video (Two Of A Kind – Reprise)

As promised, here is the full video of ‘Two of a Kind (Reprise)’ from Act II of the Musical: The Mapmaker’s Opera.  It’s had a great response on our Facebook page

The action around which this song occurs has far-reaching consequences in respect to the story’s plot.  The scene itself is taken directly from Béa’s novel (without the singing obviously).  If you go back to a post I wrote in late August this year (Aug 24: Problem Solving A Moment In The Story) you will recall that I struggled with this tune – and this moment – in the story to musicalise.  Even since writing that post, the final structure and shape of this song went through further changes.  But it was worth the struggle! Continue Reading →

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New Song: Two Of A Kind (Reprise)

Audio-128Sometimes magic just happens!

As promised, last evening, we recorded the vocals for the song ‘Two of a Kind (Reprise)’ from The Mapmaker’s Opera.  As with all previous songs for the character of Sofia Duarte so far recorded, we were delighted to have Maddie Featherby return to sing this duet.

Her partner (in the role of Diego Clemente) in this song, from Act II, is one of my most favourite Australian musical theatre talents: Adrian Li Donni.  Adrian makes his debut in 2014 with Opera Australia’s production of The King and I in the role of Lun Tha.  I’ve worked with Adrian before, so it comes as no surprise whatsoever to me that the rest of Australia is starting to wake up to this young man’s music and acting gifts.

In advance of the session, I was wondering what these two supremely gifted artists would sound like together? Continue Reading →

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