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And….We’re Back!

I’m most sincerely apologetic for the unexpected absence over the last month or so.  I am humbled by the concern and best wishes expressed by ‘Mapmaker’ aficionados in recent weeks from all over the world, with the news of the passing of my beloved mother.  To everyone who has contacted me with their condolences, I can only express my, and my immediate family’s, gracious thanks for the kind words and best wishes.  Thank you.  It has meant a great deal to us at this time. Continue Reading →

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Thank you Béa Gonzalez

Theatre_Books_Toronto.JPGWell, a couple of days in Toronto with Béa has crystallized a number of issues over which Victor and I had been ruminating in our adaptation of The Mapmaker’s Opera into a Stage Musical.  Essentially, all is well, and our instincts about the importance of certain symbolisms underpinning the novel’s narrative appear to resonate with our own instincts in terms of what to foreground through the stage narrative and overall structure of the Musical’s drama. Continue Reading →

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Welcome to Toronto!

Béa_Gonzalez_Author_The_Mapmaker's_OperaSo, I am very excited to be heading up to Toronto today to see Béa and to play for her – and some special invitees – the music for The Mapmaker’s Opera in a special presentation on Monday.  It will be good to get feedback to significant sequences of the score, never previously heard outside of my studio, from those who will be attending this little gathering. Continue Reading →

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BACALAR ( Film by Patricia Arriaga Jordán)

I thought I would just write a quick post about a new film from the Méxican media production company, Nao.

The film is Bacalar.  And before you ask, ‘What has this to do with ‘Mapmaker’s?’, the answer is “Nothing whatsoever”, except, that the film is set within the State of Quintana Roo; which is located in Southeastern México, on the eastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula (the locale for the story of The Mapmaker’s Opera) and the film’s plot involves two young people’s attempts in saving of one of the world’s most endangered animal species! Continue Reading →

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