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An Introduction To Flamenco Percussion

Flamenco_PalmasI thought I would do a quick post on the basics of Flamenco Percussion, as percussion in The Mapmaker’s Opera (adapted from the novel by Béa Gonzalez) is an integral element to the sound world we create in the Musical.  Contextually, we make use of the flamenco sound world especially in scenes that feature one of our main protagonists: Diego Clemente, who, in the story, emigrates to México from Seville, Spain.

And just to note, as mentioned on the MMO Facebook page last week, the new song is being posted on Thursday this coming week.  More on this in a later post.

Essentially Flamenco makes use of three percussive sound sources: 1. Palmas (a form of hand-clapping), 2. Pallillos (or Castanets) and 3. the Cajon. Continue Reading →

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Flamenco Australia: YouTube Videos & Support Opportunity

Carmen_Amaya_1963I am a big fan of Paul French and his dedicated website and social media pages for Flamenco Australia.  It’s the sort of initiative in Australia that can only be achieved by people (in this case, Paul) who have an unswerving passion for an Artform that remains generally under-recognised, and far too little appreciated overall.  I can only applaud his tireless ambitions for developing an ever-increasing community of aficionados for this mesmerising Artform of Spanish song, dance and instrumental guitar-based music performance

When all is said and done, Flamenco is just ‘cool’.  Go on try it, you’ll like it!

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