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Under Her Spell – The New Song At last!

Christian_ScallanHi Folks,

I post this picture of Chris Scallan because his audio mix of the new song (yes, the much awaited, long overdue, previously promised on a number of occasions – never to materialize – mythical entity of a song) is simply amazing and wonderful!

Equally wonderful is the vocal by Sam Rabbone, who, once again; as he did on the track ‘Home Sweet Home’, has delivered a performance that perfectly captures the ‘heart and soul’ of our young protagonist, Diego Clemente. Continue Reading →

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Song No. 2 Forthcoming

MMO_Banner_PortionApologies to all for seemingly having gone MIA over the last few weeks.  Not to worry, I’ve been busy writing more music for MMO whilst orchestrating and making an audio track for a new Musical by legendary Broadway composer, Stephen Schwartz.

Before anyone further asks: I’m able to knock all this work over in a short space of time because of the assistance of several highly accomplished and gifted music colleagues – in this case, Mark Buys and Vladimir Martinka – who manage to translate my ‘sketches’ into miraculously beautiful renditions in a short space of time (sometimes ‘very’ short!) And yes, I do sleep…occasionally.

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