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Problem Solving A Moment In The Story

Solution_ProblemIn an effort to keep everyone informed, I thought I’d write about the problems I’m experiencing in making a new song for Diego and Sofia in Act II work the way it should work.

Picture this: we are in the aviary of Don Victor Blanco. Diego has snuck away from the Blanco Ball in an effort to finally secure the two passenger pigeons for his Patron (Edward Nelson). Unbeknownst to him, both Sofia and Don Victor’s son, Carlos, have followed him separately into the aviary.  It is a remarkable and beautiful scene in The Mapmaker’s Opera novel as well by Béa Gonzalez. Continue Reading →

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New Song: Madness Rules (Part I & II)

Audio-128Hi Folks, well it’s done. The new song is actually a complete Scene in Act I of The Mapmaker’s Opera.  You can listen to it here, or go to the Audio page on this web site and click on Track 4.

First, some non-essential trivia.  The bell sounds that you hear at the outset of the audio were recorded by me whilst on holidays a few years ago, on New Year’s Eve, at a church in the wine commune of the Côte de Beaune region of Burgundy, France.  The commune is called Pernand-Vergellesses.  Very rarely do you get the right conditions (no traffic noise, planes overhead, dogs barking etc.) to get an audio sample this clean.  Anyway, I like it.

OK, down to business: this whole scene is a bit opera-like, and deliberately so, for three critical reasons. Continue Reading →

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