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A Musical History of México – PART 2a

Mixtec_Teponaztli_DrumReturning to this subject now.  I don’t think it is unreasonable to to compare the music of México to its many baroque cathedrals and churches.  Plans and elevations were Spanish in design, but the construction itself was the work of natives and they left their stamp on every element of the buildings.  So with folk and popular music, the framework is mainly Spanish in tonality and mode, and in the structure of its melody, harmony and meter; but the melodic inflection and ornamentation, and rhythmic combinations show definite Indian influence.  Continue Reading →

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A Musical History of México – PART 1

Music of the Americas_ Paul H. ApelHello again.  Today, I thought I’d take a discursive journey around the interrelationships between the so-called ‘Aztec Renaissance’ of the post-revolutionary period in México: the attempted return to pre-conquest Indian musical practices: a somewhat non-authentic subjective evocation of the remote past (i.e., there aren’t any records to establish authenticity of Aztec musical culture), in relation to the rise of patriotic fervour in nationalist music in this period which drew on real or imagined impressions of Indian and mestizo cultures. Continue Reading →

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