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More About Mísion México

Mísion_México_LogoBack in a post on Sept. 11 this year, I made mention of this organisation.  Now I want to talk about its work in more detail.

Mísion México is the brainchild of two Australian volunteers: Alan and Pamela Skuse, who in November 2001 started out on a journey that has led to the creation of a refuge for abused and homeless children in Tapachula, México.

You can read about their incredible work with these children-in-need on their dedicated website, lovelifehope.com. Continue Reading →

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Misión México Refuge

Mission_Mexico_FestivalWell folks, what can I say?  We’ve been busy, busy, busy!  Work on a couple of new audio demos is coming along very nicely thank you, through what has been a period of excruciatingly heavy work for other folk – which we also do with joy, but it does take time from MMO work – and has curtailed my writing on this web site for an extended period.

So, the next new song, ‘Men, Feo Y Fuerte’ a quirky, comic duet with a duologue in the middle for two of our main protaganists: Diego and Very Useful, is all but finished and just awaiting vocal tracks to be recorded.  Mark Buys has come  up with a delicious orchestration in a song heavily influenced by Latin Music rhythms, overlaid with both Flamenco and Mariachi influences – whilst retaining a ‘Broadway’ musical theatre sound and structure.  Great fun to write! Continue Reading →

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