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World Theatre Day Today

Brett_Bailey_PlaywrightI was very fortunate to be on the Prague Quadrennial International Jury in 2011 that Brett chaired.  A finer ambassador to be the author-voice for 2014 World Theatre Day could not have been chosen.  Is this pertinent to The Mapmaker’s Opera?  Read on, and draw your own conclusion!

The Message from 2014 World Theatre Day Author Brett Bailey

‘Wherever there is human society, the irrepressible Spirit of Performance manifests.

Under trees in tiny villages, and on high tech stages in global metropolis; in school halls and in fields and in temples; in slums, in urban plazas, community centres and inner-city basements, people are drawn together to commune in the ephemeral theatrical worlds that we create to express our human complexity, our diversity, our vulnerability, in living flesh, and breath, and voice. Continue Reading →

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With Migration, Indigenous Languages Going Extinct

NBC_LogoThis is a great piece by NBC’s Carmen Sesín.  Did you know that some of the ancient Mesoamerican languages spoken by Latinos are now considered critically endangered and risk becoming extinct?  Me neither!  And one of those languages – Mam – is a Mayan language that dates back to the year 500.  Did you also know that hundreds of indigenous languages are spoken all over Latin America?  No?  Me neither!

So it is not at all disimilar to our musical, The Mapmaker’s Opera, and one of the major themes of the loss of indigenous flora and fauna – and specifically the aspect of the storyline that deals with Diego Clemente’s attempts to recover the last two passenger pigeons in captivity from Don Victor Blanco’s aviary. Continue Reading →

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Our Kickstarter Campaign for NYMF Launched

NYMF_LogoHi everyone, OK, it’s been a hectic few weeks whilst we got everything in order, but we are very pleased to announce that our Kickstarter campaign launched this morning.  We need to raise $37,700 in just 30 days in order to participate in The New York Musical Theatre Festival In July.  You can go direct to our Kickstarter page here.

Keep checking out Facebook page as well over the next few days, as we have some things going on over there that won’t be posted here. Continue Reading →

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Planning For Our NYMF Kickstarter Campaign

NYMF_LogoSo, I’ve been in New York and Los Angeles for the last three weeks working through some production and financial requirements for our involvement in the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF).  Time flies at this point.

One of the first things we needed to do was engage General Management – or a Line Producer as it is sometimes referred – but more on this later.   Another pressing issue has been assessing the pros and cons of running a crowd-source funding campaign for some of the sponsorship monies we need to raise for participating in this prestigious Festival opportunity.

I have very decided views about this process now that I have thoroughtly investigated platforms like Kickstarter, Pozible, Indiegogo (actually there is a plethora of these crowd-source funding platforms available beyond these more prominent players).  The result of my investigations: not is all as it seems! Continue Reading →

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2014 Here We Come!

Hi Everyone.

Ah, I’m not allowed to tell you the exciting news as alluded to on the MMO Facebook page recently.  But soon, I promise!

Wow! I’ve just reviewed the date of my last post on the MMO site (Dec. 4).  Too long – apologies – but I had to have a bit of a break over Christmas and the New Year, and then the REALLY EXCITING NEWS was given to us in the first week of January, and since then everyone involved with MMO has been working very, very long days.

So, as a bit of fun, and a teaser to a new song Victor and I are working on, here’s me (in my studio) holding my iPhone up to one of the monitors to give you a sneak peak of a section from the piano-vocal chart of a new piece of music you’ll first hear right at the top of the show.


More news very soon!

Take care,


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