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The Second Promo Video (When He Looked At Me)

Actually, this has been done for awhile, but we’ve been so busy ramping up getting more and more music written for The Mapmaker’s Opera at both CAP21 in New York and here at Goodspeed Opera, that posting this has ended up taking a back seat.  I would never have thought that could happen on this project, since it’s always been a priority, a joy (and relief) when we break the back on something that we can shout out about.

The wonderful Director, Walter Dobrowolski, has taken a matching approach to the first promo video released on this project (Under Her Spell), so it is a good idea to go and check that one out first, and then watch this one. Continue Reading →

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Song No. 2 Released: When He Looked At Me

Audio_Icon_WebAnother good day in MMO world, as we are releasing the second of the rumba gitano songs from the Musical.  As aficionados of this site, you will know that there are two major musical influences in The Mapmaker’s Opera: Flamenco -and especially the Siguiriyas – and Mariachi influenced Zapateado.

This second song for Sofia Duarte is derived from page 115 in the Thomas Dunne Books (St. Martins Press Imprint) of the novel – Act II, scene i [In a Mérida square]. Continue Reading →

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Song No. 2 Forthcoming

MMO_Banner_PortionApologies to all for seemingly having gone MIA over the last few weeks.  Not to worry, I’ve been busy writing more music for MMO whilst orchestrating and making an audio track for a new Musical by legendary Broadway composer, Stephen Schwartz.

Before anyone further asks: I’m able to knock all this work over in a short space of time because of the assistance of several highly accomplished and gifted music colleagues – in this case, Mark Buys and Vladimir Martinka – who manage to translate my ‘sketches’ into miraculously beautiful renditions in a short space of time (sometimes ‘very’ short!) And yes, I do sleep…occasionally.

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