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La Inolvidable y Añorada Trova Yucateca

Trova_Yucateca_ImageI have been fortunate to obtain this CD; the information for which was provided to me by Brígido Galván in recent email correspondence.

In short, I love this CD!  It has provided all sorts of new inspiration for some of the songs yet to be written for certain characters in the Musical of The Mapmaker’s Opera.  The CD itself is 2002 release from BMG Entertainment México S.A. (IMSN: 74321 97621-2) and provides a wealth of music, mostly recorded between 1958-78.

‘Trova Yucateca’ is a musical milieu, as opposed to a musical genre.  The style shares much in common with Neapolitan Song and other forms of Italian ‘canzona’.  It uses quite distinct devices of vocal harmonies, cross-rhythms and cadential endings similar to the llamada in Flamenco song.  Beyond this similarity, however, there seems to be little relationship to Flamenco – at least from the songs included in this two CD set. Continue Reading →

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BACALAR ( Film by Patricia Arriaga Jordán)

I thought I would just write a quick post about a new film from the Méxican media production company, Nao.

The film is Bacalar.  And before you ask, ‘What has this to do with ‘Mapmaker’s?’, the answer is “Nothing whatsoever”, except, that the film is set within the State of Quintana Roo; which is located in Southeastern México, on the eastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula (the locale for the story of The Mapmaker’s Opera) and the film’s plot involves two young people’s attempts in saving of one of the world’s most endangered animal species! Continue Reading →

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