The Second Promo Video (When He Looked At Me)

Actually, this has been done for awhile, but we’ve been so busy ramping up getting more and more music written for The Mapmaker’s Opera at both CAP21 in New York and here at Goodspeed Opera, that posting this has ended up taking a back seat.  I would never have thought that could happen on this project, since it’s always been a priority, a joy (and relief) when we break the back on something that we can shout out about.

The wonderful Director, Walter Dobrowolski, has taken a matching approach to the first promo video released on this project (Under Her Spell), so it is a good idea to go and check that one out first, and then watch this one.

The lovely Maddie Featherby who appears in this video is also ‘The Voice’ of Sofia Duarte on our audio demo recordings and very pleased we are that she was free to spend several days filming her sequences.  Our Diego Clemente is one of Australia’s most exceptional acting/voice talents in musical theatre, Adrian LiDonni.  You can also check out Adrian performing, accompanied by the Festival of Broadway Australia Orchestra from a series of performances given in 2010.

The video was shot over three days at multiple locations around Victoria, Australia.  We’re very much indebted to Stella Entertainment for providing production costs associated with shooting on-location.

The song (Featuring Maddie) can also be heard on the audio page on this site as well.

We hope you enjoy it.


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