The Third Promo Video (Two Of A Kind – Reprise)

As promised, here is the full video of ‘Two of a Kind (Reprise)’ from Act II of the Musical: The Mapmaker’s Opera.  It’s had a great response on our Facebook page

The action around which this song occurs has far-reaching consequences in respect to the story’s plot.  The scene itself is taken directly from Béa’s novel (without the singing obviously).  If you go back to a post I wrote in late August this year (Aug 24: Problem Solving A Moment In The Story) you will recall that I struggled with this tune – and this moment – in the story to musicalise.  Even since writing that post, the final structure and shape of this song went through further changes.  But it was worth the struggle!

When Victor and I were at Goodspeed Musicals in the USA earlier this year working on the Musical, it was the resident director and dramaturg, Michael Bush, who suggested that this moment in the story needed a song.  Victor and I had not recognised this prior to Michael’s insight.  Which only goes to prove that all writers need to have the virtue and benefit of experienced and highly creative theatre people with which to collaborate.  I can remember thinking in that propitious meeting with Michael, “Yes, that’s fine, but what is the song about?”  I labour this point because no-one should sing in a Musical, at any given moment, if there is no reason to sing.  But Michael was right!

Finally it was Victor who threw me a lyric fragment for Sofia to sing: ‘And I know what that feels like, for I’m in prison too’ – and suddenly I knew what to do, and where to take, the song.

The trick in this song is that it moves from Sofia’s self-revelation that she is afterall trapped within a life from which she can’t see any escape (given the social mores and the lack of rights women had in this period of history) to the realisation that she is in love with Diego.  Even then, united, they are trapped – like the birds in Don Victor Blanco Torres’s aviary – unable for reasons of class and social expectation to simply be together.  It’s a cool moment.

We hope you like the song and video.

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2 Responses to The Third Promo Video (Two Of A Kind – Reprise)

  1. Michael Edward-Stevens November 13, 2013 at 7:31 pm #

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Victor Kazan is the best lyricist on Earth, possibly in the Universe.” Congratulations on another spectacular accomplishment. Kevin Purcell provides an unequalled spectrum of colors and vibrations more than capable to fill aforementioned Universe. Bravo. Soon your Productions will bring a peace and harmony the world has not known. Thank you for opening the door to truth and all things positive.

  2. Kevin November 14, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Hey Michael,
    How are you?????
    You are too kind by the way about me, but I agree entirely about Victor! 🙂