Under Her Spell – The New Song At last!

Christian_ScallanHi Folks,

I post this picture of Chris Scallan because his audio mix of the new song (yes, the much awaited, long overdue, previously promised on a number of occasions – never to materialize – mythical entity of a song) is simply amazing and wonderful!

Equally wonderful is the vocal by Sam Rabbone, who, once again; as he did on the track ‘Home Sweet Home’, has delivered a performance that perfectly captures the ‘heart and soul’ of our young protagonist, Diego Clemente.

It would be utterly remiss of me not to mention the extraordinary contributions of orchestrator, Mark Buys, who laboured tirelessly, and over many months, to perfect the instrumental backing for this rumba-flamenco tune.

So have a listen.  All you have to do is click on the Listen to audio tracks now! button to the right of this post, and that will take you to the ‘Songs’ audio page.  If you are new to the site, take a few minutes to listen to ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘When He Looked at Me’ as well.  This grouping of three songs make up the rumba-flamenco styled tunes in this show.

So where and when does this song take place in the show?  Well, again, the best answer to this question is to go and read the novel – and then you would know anyway!  But for those of you still to discover the beauty of the remarkable novel that is The Mapmaker’s Opera by Béa Gonzalez, the action takes place in Act II, scene iii., (beginning p. 148 in the Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press, hardback edition of the novel.).  In this scene, Very Useful chides our young Spaniard for his ‘bruto’ earlier in meeting Sophia Duarte for the first time in her father’s (Roberto) bookstore in Mérida.  Diego sings: much to the inward amusement of Very Useful, of how he would rectify his “shoddy behaviour” toward the girl that has captured his heart, if only he had another opportunity.

We hope you like it?  As usual send us your feedback.  We find your responses to the work increasingly invaluable in shaping the work for the Stage.

Take care and more soon.



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2 Responses to Under Her Spell – The New Song At last!

  1. Béa Gonzalez April 19, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    Hello Kevin and all the wonderful people that put this together!

    This is an extraordinarily beautiful song and you are right—-the singer captures Diego’s youthful innocence and angst which is so wonderfully represented in the words and music! From the perspective of the writer who once imagined this very scene in her head, I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to hear this song! Great work, everyone. It is amazing to have such talented people give new life to these characters. I can’t thank you enough.

  2. Kevin April 23, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    Hi Béa,

    Thanks so much. It really does mean a great deal to Victor, myself and Mark to get this response. ‘Under Her Spell’ is a pivotal moment – getting it right was imperative. Looking forward to meeting all the Toronto-based ‘Mapmaker’s’ aficionados in May when I get over. They’ll be the first to hear all the new material! Best, Kevin