Updates on the Resources (Books) Page

Ruins_Chichen_Itza_1910-13Hi Folks, I have been updating the Resources (Books) page on this website of late.  I’d forgotten that I had planned to include all the books that Victor and I have read that have become inspiration for different parts of our musical adaptation of Béa’s novel, The Mapmaker’s Opera.  Anyway, the page is seriously more populated now.  Thanks to Chris for fixing my artwork (he really doesn’t like it when I hold a book up and photograph with my iPhone, only to have my thumb in the image!)

I have, at long last, finished the big ‘Love’ Duet from Act II!  What a relief.  Ballads are…well, they’re just hard, and the pop music and music theatre worlds are too full of bland, mediocre ballads, so I try to avoid having to add insult to injury.  Besides, ballads slow down the action in Musicals on-stage, so they have to be good to allow that to happen.  I guess we’ll see in due course.

We’re also moving toward going back into the studio in about a week and half’s time to record the next demo, so look out for that.

I love these old images of different places in México.  This one is of ruins around Chichen Itza between 1910-13, being the period in which our Musical is set.

Back to work.


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