Welcome to the Mapmaker’s Opera – The Musical!

Welcome to The Mapmaker’s Opera – The Musical.  Well, finally, the site has gone live after many months of preparation.  A big thanks to Chris Stevens without whom none of this would be possible.

I assume that if you are visiting here, that you have at least a passing knowledge of the novel of the same name by Ms. Gonzalez, on which this musical adaptation is based.  If not, then you have the joy of discovering this novel all ahead of you!

My blog page on this web site has been created to allow interested individuals to communicate with me whilst the process of writing music to Victor Kazan’s lyrics for The Mapmaker’s Opera – The Musical proceeds over the next twelve months.  Right now, I’m in Spain doing research on Flamenco which will inform some of the music in the score.  During my visit, I have come to realise that Flamenco is not only a highly sophisticated and virtuosic artform, but it is also an emotional experience that is difficult to put into words.  The traditional Flamenco concerts that I have seen in Seville during this trip (not the ones designed for tourists) have been both eye-opening and a privilege to experience.  If only my own guitar playing could be that good!

Also, I thought I would share share my experience of writing the score for this new stage work because, like all interesting projects, it offers new opportunities and challenges from a compositional and orchestration perspective in musical idioms – Flamenco and certain Latin-American musical styles associated with South America – that are not entirely common to The Musical as a genre.  Apropos, on the way to Spain, I stopped over in London for a few days.  During the Christmas/New-Year period I saw Zorro, a new Musical with music by the Gyspsy Kings and John Cameron at the Garrick near Leicester Square.  It’s really a lot of fun with excellent design and direction.  If you’re in London, it’s worth the effort to go and see.

Finally, Victor and I are going to record each of the songs as we get them done and post them here on the site to listen to for your comment.  We’ll be interested in your views (both encouraging and critical) and it will help us to know what people think of the project as it develops.

Please take some time to visit all the pages on this web site (at least those that have content on them at the moment) to get a feel for what Victor and I are setting out to achieve in this new work.

Regards from Seville.


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  1. Dianne Leong-Fortier February 22, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Hi: Our group is studying the novel, Mapmaker’s Opera by Bea Gonzalez, this Friday, February 25th, 2011 in Alberta, Canada and we would like to know more about your production. I haven’t seen recent posts so am wondering if the production is being postponed. Thank for your reply.