With Migration, Indigenous Languages Going Extinct

NBC_LogoThis is a great piece by NBC’s Carmen Sesín.  Did you know that some of the ancient Mesoamerican languages spoken by Latinos are now considered critically endangered and risk becoming extinct?  Me neither!  And one of those languages – Mam – is a Mayan language that dates back to the year 500.  Did you also know that hundreds of indigenous languages are spoken all over Latin America?  No?  Me neither!

So it is not at all disimilar to our musical, The Mapmaker’s Opera, and one of the major themes of the loss of indigenous flora and fauna – and specifically the aspect of the storyline that deals with Diego Clemente’s attempts to recover the last two passenger pigeons in captivity from Don Victor Blanco’s aviary.

There isn’t really any difference between loss in one form or another.  The issue is, that once language, or a bird species – or any wildlife or plant species – becomes extinct, it’s lost forever.  And who said Boradway musicals can’t deal with big issues!!

Ultimately, you really should read Béa Gonzalez’s novel from which our Off-Broadway-bound musical for the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival is adapted – and click on the link above and read Carmen’s article.  It’s quite thought provoking because the answers aren’t easy.

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